Community Engagement

In keeping with our mission to “enrich lives through dance,” WV Dance Company offers a wide variety of community engagement experiences. Each activity is approached from the perspective that movement is universal and has the power to reach anyone, regardless of age or background, with a meaningful experience. Outreach options are customized based on the needs and interests of the community so let’s talk about your ideas!

Technique Workshops

Customized instruction in ballet, jazz, and modern dance technique, taught with emphasis on body science and exploration of the elements of energy, space and time. Beginner to advanced instruction levels available.

Choreography Workshops

Improvisational exploration in the BEST (Body, Energy, Space, Time) framework, encouraging individual creativity and collaboration. Beginner to advanced instruction levels available.

Repertory Workshops

Choreography workshop exploring one of WVDC’s active repertory works including technique involved and the process of developing a theme or idea through movement. Beginner to advanced instruction levels available.

Community Workshops

Improvisational explorations for a mixed group of community members of all ages.

No dance experience required.

Interdisciplinary Connections

Workshops for university students or the general public that draw connections between dance and other disciplines such as engineering, design, science, math and the humanities. No dance experience required.

Arts Education

Educational outreach program designed specifically for K-12 students.  Multicultural and curriculum-based, including STEAM.  Available directly to schools, through arts councils and to presenters for outreach or family audiences. Learn more

“Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given our Dance Department.  The students are inspired and have found a new perspective on how to approach movement and choreography.”  – Danah Bella, Radford University