Celebrating 40 years of culturally-inspired dance

Throughout its history, WV Dance Company has performed a unique repertory of modern works inspired by the diverse cultures and people of the world, including those from our home region of Appalachia. With programs ranging from single performances to multi-day residencies, WV Dance Company offers approachable modern dance with engaging, thought-provoking themes for an audience of any age or background.

In celebration of our 40th season, WV Dance Company will introduce two new works to the repertoire.

From the Depths by Founder and Managing Artistic Director, Toneta Akers-Toler, offers a personal reflection on the universe within each of us and the infinite possibilities for harmony (or discord) between humans as our energies intersect. As we each live our truth, we encounter moments when our body, mind and soul are truly connected and we can be fully present and truly ourselves. It is from this state of mind – called duende in Spanish arts – that we can then best respond to the world around us. Latin jazz was chosen for this piece, as a parallel to the improvisational nature of our lives. Dancers respond individually to the structure and theme of the piece while maintaining duende, resulting in a performance that is as unique and emotionally distinct as our own experience.

Schubert Variations, an American Masterpiece, by Gerri Houlihan, Co-Dean of the American Dance Festival School, is choreographed to the second movement of Franz Schubert’s String Quartet No. 14 in D minor, and explores the use of theme and variation through the microcosm of young people and their relationships. The opening scene presents the theme followed by four variations: a passionate solo, a romantic quartet, a virtuosic and humorous duet for two men and a playful duet for two young lovers. Finally, the dancers reunite before exiting the stage, alone or in pairs… each with their own story to tell.

In addition to these new works, WV Dance Company will also begin a new two-year tour of its award-winning arts education program. It’s Your World, Full STEAM Ahead is available to presenters for outreach and youth/family audiences, through arts councils and directly to school systems. LEARN MORE

Now booking for 2018-2019.