Modern Dance…for Main Street

WV Dance Company is a mixed repertory modern dance company based in Beckley, WV. The company was founded in 1977 with the distinct purpose of enriching lives through dance and with special emphasis on making dance more accessible to the many rural communities throughout our region.

Throughout its history, WV Dance Company has performed a unique repertory of modern works inspired by the diverse cultures and people of the world including those from our home region of Appalachia. At least one work in the company’s active touring repertory reflects Appalachian culture and heritage in some way, thus providing familiar themes that make the work approachable and fun to watch and also allow for myriad community connections.

In addition, WV Dance Company has a long history in arts integration. The company’s touring education program is developed specifically for K-12 schools and is multicultural, curriculum-based and aligned with Core Content Standards including STEM. The program is available to presenters as outreach or for student/family audiences.

WV Dance Company’s programs are intentionally designed to be technically flexible and affordable to accommodate a wide range of communities and venues. If you’ve never presented dance, think you can’t present dance, or can’t afford dance, contact us here to learn more. You’ll be surprised what’s possible!

Now booking for 2018-2019.