Press Release Templates

If you need a template for a press release, to promote your upcoming WVDC event, please click below to download a copy in Word that is applicable to your performance type:

PK-12 Educational/School Performance Template

College/Public Performance Template

Both templates are a starting point for your event. Please feel free to add additional details about your unique event, quotes from your presenters, and the audience the event will serve.

 Promotional Poster

A 11×17 poster is available for download. Once you have the file, simply save it to your desktop, add your performance date/time/ticket cost into the bottom area, and print as necessary.

11″ x 17″ poster download (PDF)



If you need a copy of our logo to include in the event handout, flier, or program, please choose your preferred file format below:

Full Color logo, high-res for print use (PDF)

2-Color logo, high-res for print use (PDF)

1-Color logo, high-res for print use (PDF)

For the web images below, when you click on the link it will take you to a new tab. Just click on the image in the new browser tab, and drag the image to your desktop. You will then be able to save the file wherever needed.

Preferred for Web use: Full Color logo with transparent background. Low-res for web use (.png, sized 186px x 186px)

Full Color logo with white background. Low-res for web use (.jpg, sized 186px x 186px)