WV Dance Company’s current K-12 educational tour is a comprehensive program integrating arts-based learning across the curriculum, while drawing on global connections. The entire program is aligned with Common Core Standards.

The touring program consists of:

– A one-hour performance comprised of seven different dance works, each based on a different continent around the globe and each teaching a different core subject curriculum. Each piece is also preceded by an oral presentation that includes learning cues for understanding and interpretation.

– A one-hour creative movement workshop for students and teachers exploring the Water Cycle. Students will be engaged in an interactive learning process and teachers will be shown techniques for integrating creative movement into future lessons.

– A comprehensive, grade-specific teacher study guide. It encourages the continuation of a meaningful education experience within the classroom. Students are guided through educational activities related to the ideas and topics presented in the performance.

Performance Content

Africa: A study of African folklore and its importance in African culture and history. The dance will demonstrate how ideas that come from text, music and oral tradition are communicated through movement.

Antarctica: An engaging and (at times) humorous reflection on the fascinating world of Antarctica’s penguins. Costumes and props bring penguin behavior to life.

Asia: A dance representing famous haikus in Asian literature and the work of artist Matsuo Bash. The musicality, syllabication and mathematics of these works are taught through the movement.

Europe: A moving historical account of the Mischling (part-Jewish) during WWII and the role Science and Technology played during the Holocaust.

North America: A lively work performed by four male dancers who represent miners during the time of unionization. It teaches the origin of the word “red neck” and uses images to teach American History.

Oceania: A colorful representation of three unique and inspiring creatures that inhabit the ocean waters surrounding New Zealand. Large fabric props bring to life the mystery and power of the ocean.

South America: A work celebrating the idea that all people have unique cultural differences but have many things in common. The martial art form of capoeira and the samba are incorporated into the movement.

Teachers Workshop

Available in addition to our standard program, these learning sessions help educators understand the benefits of arts-based education and learn how to incorporate effective, proven, arts-based learning into their classrooms. They are especially effective when conducted before a WVDC school performance, so that teachers can utilize their new skills immediately afterward.

To schedule “It’s Your World, Full STEAM Ahead” at your school or venue, please contact us.