Bring Curriculum to Life for K-12 Students!

Adventures Around the Big Blue Marble is WV Dance Company’s touring arts integration program designed specifically for K-12 students. Each performance takes students on an around-the-world journey through the art of dance. The program is curriculum-based, multicultural and includes STEAM content.

Each program package includes:

– A one-hour assembly performance in which each dance represents one of the seven continents while integrating related topics in math, science, history, literature and culture. Students will learn about African folktales, Chinese history, European architecture, the science and process behind the traditional art of glassmaking, and more! Each piece is introduced by one of the company’s dancers providing an overview of the topic being presented as well as suggestions for what to look for during the dance to encourage analysis and interpretation.

– A one-hour workshop for students and teachers exploring topics in science through creative movement.  Students learn basic body science and the elements of movement (Body, Energy, Space, Time) before exploring the topic in detail and then working together to create their own compositions. Students will be engaged in an interactive learning process and teachers will learn ideas and techniques for incorporating movement into their own classrooms.

– A comprehensive, grade-specific teacher study guide containing pre-planned enrichment activities that correspond to each topic introduced in performance.  Implementation of the study guide following a WVDC performance serves to deepen the educational experience and improve retention.  See the study guide here.

Teachers Workshop

Available in addition to our standard program, these learning sessions help educators understand the benefits of arts-based education and learn how to incorporate effective, proven, arts-based learning into their classrooms. They are especially effective when conducted before a WVDC school performance, so that teachers can utilize their new skills immediately afterward.