Live Improv Session

To celebrate the upcoming West Virginia Dance Company public performance, presented by Beckley Art Center, the dance company will perform a live improv session with live music in our Dan and Cynthia Bickey Art Gallery. The dancers and Toneta Akers-Toler will use BAC’s current exhibition as inspiration to improvise movement. The movement will be created live, in the moment from the dancer’s instant analysis of the qualities of the quilts. Seth Hughes, will also improvise music live with the guitar.

This is a great opportunity to meet the company, learn more about their public performance, view the quilts on exhibition by Hands All Around Quilt Club and have a chance to win artwork. The two organizations will sell chances to a raffle for artwork by Carrie Petry of Heart of Glass and David Frame. This special event will be Friday, April 29, at 6pm.

Who is WV Dance Company?

Artists, yes. Athletes, certainly. But even more so, we are explorers, examining the world with curiosity, enthusiasm and compassion. We are humanists and scientists.

Through the art of movement, we share with our audiences intimate portraits of the human experience, energetic displays of the power of nature and vibrant images of the nuances of world cultures. With repertory works featuring both emerging and established contemporary choreographers, each piece is unique and engaging, ensuring a performance that keeps audience members thinking long after the curtain comes down. Come explore with us.

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