Past Repertory (Archives)

DSC_0458I Was Almost Alright

A personal reflection, set to music that inspired the work.

Choreography and Dancer: Donald Laney


DSC_0320Fire in the Hole

The descendants of African slaves, southern share-croppers, European immigrants, and native hill folk all worked in the early coal mines of West Virginia. Together, they made the area a “melting pot” of world cultures. The early 20th century miners found life strenuous and dangerous, but after a hard day, they returned to their families who lived with them in the company towns. As mining shaped the nation during that time, it also shaped the people of the region. The stories of the coal fields are uniquely American and continue to be expressed in the customs, communities and narrative of this remarkable region. Presented in 2013-15 by the National Coal Heritage Area Authority.

Choreography: Toneta Akers-Toler
Dancers: 6