Study Guide for Continental Carousel: STREAMING the Globe

Continental Carousel: STREAMING the Globe is WV Virginia Dance Company’s new touring arts education program designed specifically for K-12 students and teachers. Each performance takes students and teachers on a journey through the seven continents using the language of movement, sound and visual arts. The program is curriculum-based, cross-curricular, multicultural and based on STREAM content.

Each arts education program package includes:

  • A one-hour assembly performance in which each dance represents something unique from the seven continents with oral explanations and interaction with the students. STREAM concepts are integrated in science, math, history, literature and culture. Students will have examples of how to build movement, sound and visual art stories as they learn about the Amazon Rainforest as a biodiverse ecosystem, the way people lived in Europe in the fifteenth century, how a Vietnamese Folktale can teach about the elements of earth, water, air and fire, survival needs of the creatures of New Zealand, how to build a story about the penguins in Antarctica and more! Each piece is introduced providing an overview of the topic being presented as well as suggestions for what to look for during the dance to encourage analysis and interpretation.
  • Classroom workshops are conducted by the company members that involve kinetic activities exploring spelling with different body parts, using shapes and levels to explore the layers and creatures of the rainforest, creating math equations using body movement and many other health based kinetic learning experiences. The basic concepts of Body, Energy, Space and Time are explored in many different ways to offer deeper retention of the lessons.
  • A comprehensive, grade specific study guide containing cross-curricular lessons for grades K-12 with pre-planned enrichment activities that build on the topics that are a part of the performance to encourage arts-based lessons in the classroom. Implementation of the study guide serves to deepen the educational experience and improve retention. You can view the study guide under education.