Through your program, I have gotten the opportunity to see that dance can really help students learn, so I also use dancing in other subjects I teach, such as math, writing, social studies, and science. Adding a few dance moves and allowing students to be creative can turn a “not so fun” lesson into something all students look forward to. I just hope you know that what you do really helps our students grow and has even helped shape me into a much better teacher.

The creativity of the WVDC keeps it relevant. Just in the past few years, I’ve seen pieces about glass-blowing, coal mines, isolation, and more. Not only can the WVDC perform intricate, impressive dances, they can also teach or augment education for everything from local history to global pandemics. The dances performed and stories told to create an interdisciplinary experience that connects the performers to the audience. Since I have only ever witnessed the WVDC from the audience, that is where I must speak from; I watch, I learn, and I enjoy.

In a state and region where it can be difficult to find engaging, high-quality arts presentations – especially in dance – the company provides much-needed programming. The arts-integrated workshop and the seven different educational dance works included in the performance give teachers practical examples of how to incorporate movement in their future lesson planning. The ideas communicated through movement and music relate to all the continents. This program offers students a unique glimpse of the world, and covers issues of global connections that are imperative for their future. WVDC also provides schools and teachers with a study guide that is developed by a team of qualified educators and includes integrated lessons in multiple core content areas.

“In looking at the faces of our students throughout the program, it was easy to see an engagement level that was directly related to the high caliber of the performances and dancers they were watching.  If it were not for the ability of the Company to tour throughout West Virginia, many of our students would not be exposed to nor would they have the benefit of the cultural experiences represented…”

They (WVDC) are an asset to the state and contribute to preserving a rich cultural heritage with their blend of entertaining and thought-provoking modern works of dance.”

“West Virginia Dance Company provides a stellar artistic experience for students, while providing meaningful curriculum connections through arts integration”