“Years of research show that an education that includes the arts is closely linked to almost everything that we as a state and nation say we want for our children: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement and equitable opportunity.”

They (WVDC) are exceedingly dedicated to their craft and are doing a service to the schools when they are able to expose the children of West Virginia to the Arts…we have many special needs students at our school and many would have never been able to see such a performance outside of the school community.”

“My Class was so mesmerized by the performance. Most of them have never been exposed to a cultural experience.  Southern West Virginia needs more programs like this to be brought to the children.”

“In looking at the faces of our students throughout the program, it was easy to see an engagement level that was directly related to the high caliber of the performances and dancers they were watching.  If it were not for the ability of the Company to tour throughout West Virginia, many of our students would not be exposed to nor would they have the benefit of the cultural experiences represented…”

They (WVDC) are an asset to the state and contribute to preserving a rich cultural heritage with their blend of entertaining and thought-provoking modern works of dance.”

“West Virginia Dance Company provides a stellar artistic experience for students, while providing meaningful curriculum connections through arts integration”